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Aim and Scope:
Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis

Aim and scope of Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis

Edorium Journal of Tuberculosis is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal which accepts for publication, original, unpublished manuscripts on all aspects of tuberculosis and related non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases.

Edorium Journal of Tuberculosis provides an international forum for the publication of scholarly articles on tuberculosis and related non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases. The scope of Edorium Journal of Tuberculosis covers clinical studies and experimental research on tuberculosis and related non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases such as asthma, acute respiratory infection, chronic obstructive respiratory diseases and smoking. The areas covered include basic science research, microbiology, immunology, microbial physiology, pathogenesis, pathology, pharmacology, medical and surgical management, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, vaccine development and drug resistance.

Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis accepts following types of articles:

  • Review Article - An article discussing a single topic in detail.
  • Original Article - An article reporting results of clinical, pre-clinical and experimental research including randomized controlled trials, interventional studied, case-control studies, outcome studies, studies of screening and diagnostic test and cost effectiveness analysis.
  • Short Report - Report of work on significant novel developments or important preliminary observations.
  • Rapid Communication - Articles reporting results of a pilot study or preliminary findings of a study
  • Case Series - Report of a series of two to six similar cases
  • Case Report - Report of a single case
  • Clinical Images - Distinct images from clinical medicine, radiology or pathology, with a short discussion of the case (shorter than a case report)
  • Letter to Editors - Brief report of a case, results of a pilot study or comments on articles published in Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis.

Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis also publishes announcements giving information about conferences, meetings, seminars, symposia, courses, and other items.

Review Articles:

Authors are welcome to submit review articles on topics of current interest and review articles which discuss a single topic in detail. If you have a topic on which you would like to write a review article or need ideas about topics on which we would like to publish, please contact the Managing Editorcontact the Managing Editor through the "Contact Us" page accessible from the top menu or left column.

Editorial and Peer Review:

The process of editorial review and peer review followed by Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis conforms to international standards of peer reviewed scientific journals. All manuscripts submitted to Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis undergo review by a member of the editorial board followed by a double-blind external peer review. Double-blind peer review, in which, neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other, allows a fair and unbiased assessment of the manuscript. Our review process is fast and "submission to first decision" takes about six weeks.

As in traditional journals, the articles published in Edorium™ Journal of Tuberculosis are fully citable. Each article receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which is unique for every article published in the journal and is used for easier referencing and archiving.

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